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Natural Sponges

The natural sponge is a renewable natural resource that is harvested from the ocean. Scientific studies have consistently confirmed that the regular harvesting of natural sponges actually enhances the health and population of the sponges. Natural sponges have several distinct advantages over synthetic sponges: they are much more absorbent, more durable and longer lasting, will not stain or retain odors, and their soft texture promotes better and less abrasive cleaning.

At Acme, we believe it is important to work with our business partners not just to sell product, but to keep them informed, in order to help them obtain the finest sponges for their customers. Listed below is an overview of the three main commercially viable natural sponges.

The Sea Wool Sponge is soft, pliable and absorbent. It performs very well for paint sundry use, faux finishing, general cleaning, and bathing. Although not quite as dense as the Rock Island Wool, Sea Wool Sponges are in great demand because of their level of performance and lower prices. Their soft silky appearance when semi or fully bleached, gives them great sales appeal. Sea Wool Sponges are available in sizes from 4-12".

The Sea Yellow Sponge is named because of its attractive light golden color. It is not as absorbent, soft or durable as the Sea Wool Sponge but performs adequately for general cleaning, faux finishing and as a bath sponge. Sea Yellow Sponges are priced lower than Sea Wool Sponges and are available in sizes from 4-10".

The Sea Grass Sponge is the finest pored sponge found off the coast of Florida. While they offer an economical alternative to Sea Yellow and Sea Wool Sponges, they are less absorbent and durable. The Sea Grass sponge bleaches nice for use as a bath sponge. It can be used for faux finishing, and general purpose cleaning, but is limited by its durability, when compared to Sea Wool and Sea Yellow Sponges. The Sea Grass Sponge is available in sizes from 4-10".